Life is easy, if you allow it to be! (Law of attraction)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire.… Read more »

iGod Trailer: Documentary Feature Film, Releasing Nov 18, 2014

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People have been asking questions about the nature of God since the dawn of humankind. And even though our world has seen many advances in both science and technology over the last few centuries, disagreements about God still, to this day, lead to ethnic and religious warfare, hatred, exploitation, the suppression of women, and the… Read more »

From Psychedelics to Cyberdelics – Jason Silva on Creativity and ‘Mind-Expanding’ technology

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FROM PSYCHEDELICS TO CYBERDELICS: Exploring some of the ideas of John Markoff’s “What The Doormouse Said”, about the co-mingling of the counterculture movement of the 60’s and the early computer revolution.. Is google the first psychedelically informed superpower? EDITED BY: PyroVesten Jason Silva at Festival Of Dangerous Ideas – Sydney Opera House, 2012. Please feel… Read more »

Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie

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Spirit Science began on this very monday morning exactly 3 years ago…. I can’t think of a more perfect synchronicity 🙂 Pass it Around! Facebook – Twitter – Reddit – Tumblr – Pinterest – Google+ – Blogger about it – PDF’s are available on the Spirit Science Website… Read more »

Incredible Earthquake Synchronicity

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This 4.7 Earthquake hit during a presentation by Jamie Janover on the unified field theory of scientist nassim hartamein in LA on Sunday, may 6, 2009

INFINITE REALMS: The Unified Field (subtitles in 5 languages)

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INFINITE REALMS: The Unified Field is a short documentary film that aims to visually and aesthetically describe how all people are connected through key concepts from recent scientific research in physics. Specifically, the research undertaken by physicist Nassim Haramein to create a “Unified Field Theory”. This information can change our lives on earth dramatically, because… Read more »

How Psychedelics Are Saving Lives

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This video, produced by and, highlights how psychedelic medicines are saving lives worldwide. Numerous studies show these substances are non-neurotoxic, non-addictive and are having profound effects curing some of the most stubborn mental health disorders by helping people purge bottled up trauma. MDMA is curing debilitating PTSD in veterans. Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound… Read more »

Best Ayahuasca explanation. R.I.P. Scott Petersen

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#1 Ayahuasca retreat center in the Amazon book your reservations today: …Best Ayahuasca explanation by Gringo Shaman Scott Petersen of Refugio Alti Plano. ***SHOP The CHN SUPERFOOD STORE*** Try the 10 day transformation cleanse or boost your nutrition with ORGANIC, nonGMO Green super meal replacements and herbs:… WORK WITH Certified Health Nut:… Read more »

Openhand: 5GATEWAYS (remastered 2015)

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Remastered (2015): a heart-warming, soul-stirring spiritual movie, about the five expansions of consciousness – the 5 Gateways – on the Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension. Find us here:…

Dr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals Full Documentary

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