Living in the Future’s Past Film – EXTENDED PREVIEW


Take a sneak peek preview of the film with this 5-minute preview. Watch the whole film HERE: https://www.livinginthefuturespastfil… SYNOPSIS OF THE FILM: Academy Award® Winner, Jeff Bridges appears in and presents this beautifully photographed tour de force of original thinking on who we are and the environmental challenges we face. Bridges, alongside prominent scientists and authors, weaves evolution, emergence, entropy, dark ecology, and what some are calling the end of nature, into a story that helps us understand our place among the species of Earth’s household. The film upends our way of thinking and provides original insights into our subconscious motivations, and their unintended consequences, what to do about our fossil slaves, and how our fundamental animal nature influences our future as Humankind. DIRECTED BY: Susan Kucera PRODUCED BY: Jeff Bridges, Jim Swift, Susan Kucera RUNTIME: (85:11 Min) YEAR: 2018 CURRENTLY BEING SHOWN AT FILM FESTIVALS AROUND THE WORLD. WEBSITE | http://www.livinginthefuturespastfilm… FACEBOOK |…

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