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This video is about how to clear your energy field, cut cords and cleanse your aura. It is very important to be a clean and clear vessel of the divine to receive spiritual inspiration to assist the world. There are times where we can take on negative energy or have psychic cording to people that doesn’t serve our energy. I share ways to spiritual clear your chakras and energy field. I also share how to raise your frequency, clear negative energy and look out for energy vampires. Empaths and highly sensitive people can be very sensitive to other people’s energy so this will help balance and sooth your experience on Earth.

On this channel I cover the topics of channeling star people, hybrid human aliens, lightworkers, starseed, Sirius, Pleiadian, galactic federation of light, past life regression, clairvoyant, paranormal, walkins, galactic channelings, crystal child, indigo test and are aliens real? hybrid child (children), aliens on earth, sirius, alien sightings, reptilians, ET disclosure, psychic abilities and how alien contact/encounters relate to personal development, the law of attraction and all things spiritual!


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