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publish October 26, 2018 8
NORTHERN NORWAY || – 4K Time-Lapse

Thanks for watching! NORTHERN NORWAY||, shows epic landscape and northern lights sequences of Nordland and Troms in 4K. Most of the images was shot in 4 weeks in July and August (2018), while the northern lights images was shot in (2017) in Oktober and Novembe

publish October 26, 2018 11
Spirit Science – The Cannabis Movie

Hey there everyone! As you might be aware, Canada just legalized cannabis! As residents of this country, the Spirit Science crew felt there was no better time to make a video all about Cannabis! Appearing in ancient and historical references throughout time, t

publish October 25, 2018 18
publish October 25, 2018 10
Transformational Retreat – The Power of Manifestation – Sri Lanka

“An absolutely mind-blowing experience!” – Adam Frey, participant. ” “A divine destiny for me” – Amani Mousa “Overwhelming beautiful experience that I will repeat again and again” – Joana Edi, partici

publish October 24, 2018 10
RISE of The Feminine (EPIC VIDEO)

It’s time to restore balance in the Planet! This EPIC VIDEO calls us to rise and bring the Feminine Energy to its sovereign place. This short film, featuring dancers and artists from all over the world, speaks of the rise of the feminine that exists outs

publish October 23, 2018 10
TRANSCENDENCE – Live Life Beyond the Ordinary

A new docu-series from the creators of FOOD MATTERS & HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. Join the FREE Worldwide Online Premiere Live Thursday, November 1st. In this new film series, launching globally online from November 1st, we will

publish October 19, 2018 7
How Can You Create World Peace?

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., provides a powerful insight into how each one of us can play our part in creating a more peaceful world.

publish October 16, 2018 8
Graphene hype starts to become reality

Read more on – Graphene is a two-dimensional form of carbon, with a hexagonal structure just one atom thick. Until now there has been a lot of hype about potential mind-blowing technologies but not a lot of end product. T

publish October 15, 2018 12
Can LSD make you a billionaire?

If one part of success in Silicon Valley is dependent on your ability to stay up all night and code, the other part depends on your ability to think outside the box. Some in the Valley are trying to force creativity by taking LSD.

publish October 15, 2018 21

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