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Students around the world go on climate strike

School and university students in more than 100 countries have gone on strike to demand that politicians take urgent action on climate change. The coordinated protests were organised on social media under the Fridays for Future banner and inspired by the 16-ye

publish March 16, 2019 7
Wetterstein | Chapter Two: Winter | 8K

The Wetterstein Mountain Range is located on the border between Austria and Germany and is home to Germany highest peak and many scenic views. This project is special because I can basically start shooting from my front door in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. ThatR

publish March 12, 2019 11

Everyones talking about sharing morning routines. So, here you got one! 😉 A refreshing ice bath/swim. Wouldn’t you all agree that this is the best way starting off the day? No more hot showers. No more comfort zone. SKÅL! (Cheers!) And good morning!

publish March 12, 2019 2
Self-Control is a Useful Illusion: Chris Fields Approaching the problem from the perspectives of cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary biology, Chris Fields considers how the experienced self is put together out of memories and feelings. He observes that the history of

publish March 9, 2019 10
Action on the Bee Crisis: Paul Stamets Paul Stamets, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, talks about the extraordinary role that fungi play in the health of people and planet. He shows how terrestrial organisms have evolved to be interconnect

publish March 9, 2019 26
Zero Waste Is Not the Only Solution – 4 Tips to Have a Bigger Impact

4 zero waste alternatives to help you have an impact without making massive lifestyle changes! While you’re here, help Ecosia plant trees around the world by searching the internet: We’re huge fans of the zero waste moveme

publish March 7, 2019 20
Blue Planet II Official Trailer 2 | BBC Earth

In 2001, The Blue Planet opened our eyes to the worlds beneath the waves. A generation on, new science and technology allow us to journey deeper than ever before at the most crucial time in our ocean’s history. This is Blue Planet II. Take a deep breath. Sub

publish March 3, 2019 24
Abraham Hicks 2019 ~ Don’t settle for less than what you want

Abraham Hicks Long Beach January 2019 Abraham Hicks 2019 Playlist:… Abraham Hicks recording used with permission from Abraham Hicks following the “USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL GUIDELINES outlined on their Youtub

publish March 3, 2019 8
publish March 3, 2019 43
Blue Planet II : The Prequel

This world-exclusive introduction to the show is narrated by series presenter Sir David Attenborough and set to an exclusive track developed by Hans Zimmer and Radiohead. The prequel features an array of some of the most awe-inspiring shots and highlights from

publish March 2, 2019 25

Year 2018 was amazing, I had chance to travel a lot. This cinematic travel video is a higlight from traveling Thailand, Bali and little bit of Canary Islands. Let me know in comments how you like it, click like and subscribe button 🙂 🎬LEARN HOW TO MAKE T

publish March 2, 2019 34
Astronomers Paradise | 2019 Remastered Edition

The ESO has three astronomical observation sites spread across the Atacama region in Chile: Paranal with its VLT telescopes and soon the E-ELT, the oldest site: La Silla and ALMA located above 5000m/16400ft. Shot during the ESO UltraHD expeditions in 2011 and

publish March 2, 2019 23

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