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Virgin Galactic In Space For The First Time

Richard Branson’s letter to his grandchildren after SpaceShipTwo made it to space for the first time. Want to come to space with us? You can register an interest here –

publish February 17, 2019 22
ONE STRANGE ROCK – Episode 10: ‘Home’

After 665 weightless days in space, astronaut Peggy Whitson smashes through the atmosphere on her last journey home to Planet Earth.

publish February 9, 2019 14
One Strange Rock S01E04 – Life

one Strange Rock is a documentary series hosted by Will Smith, on the National Geographic

publish February 5, 2019 13
One Strange Rock S01E01 – Oxygen

one Strange Rock is a documentary series hosted by Will Smith, on the National Geographic

publish February 5, 2019 61

The South Pole is one of the coldest, driest and harshest places on earth. The Aurora Australis can be seen together with the core of the milkyway only here in Antarctica. Temperatures below -70°C/-95°F during the polar night are not uncommon. Together with

publish February 5, 2019 47
Khaliya: “LSD Could Actually Heal the Brain” | WIRED Health 2017 | WIRED Events

Khaliya, a philanthropist, Middelthon-Candler Peace Prize winner, and venture capitalist involved with several social ventures promoting innovation in mental health and neurodegenerative disease, talks about the importance of thinking beyond the accepted treat

publish February 1, 2019 31
16 Year Old Calls Out World’s Corporate Elite to Their Faces

This 16-year-old climate activist just called out the world’s corporate elite to their faces for their contributions to the global climate crisis.

publish February 1, 2019 38
Alan Watts – The Force Of Love

“Existence is love. Everybody has the force running.” Alan Watts talks about the risk you have to take.

publish January 31, 2019 60
What are you willing to give up to change the way we work? | Martin Danoesastro

What does it take to build the fast, flexible, creative teams needed to challenge entrenched work culture? For transformation expert Martin Danoesastro, it all starts with one question: “What are you willing to give up?” He shares lessons learned f

publish January 30, 2019 25
Rediscovering the Timeless Wisdom

We are in the midst of a spiritual renaissance that differs significantly from those of the past. We are no longer limited to the faith of our particular culture; we have access to many wisdom traditions, from the dawn of recorded history to the present day. M

publish January 30, 2019 22
What Is Hidden From Us

Support the creation of more videos like this: If I could reveal anything that is hidden from us, it would be to reveal something that we have forgotten, that we used to know as well as we knew our own names, and that i

publish January 23, 2019 47
Practice This For a Few MINUTES Each day – It Will Radically Change Your Life

How To Radically Change Your Life? Do this every day! Amazing speech by Vishen Lakhiani . ►Special thanks to Tom Bilyeu for providing these amazing interviews:… ► If you struggle and have a hard time, consider tak

publish January 17, 2019 33

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